The chemical engineer contributes to the definition of new, concrete answers to the technological challenges of the new millennium: he designs new, sustainable chemical processes; he works on the protection of the environment; he designs new ecological transportation systems; he finds solutions to the energetical and nutritional needs of humanity; he develops advanced biotechnological systems; he invents and realizes advanced nanomaterials; he designs new generation drugs and solution for the improvement of human wellness.

The Chemical Engineering course at Politecnico di Milano is positioned at the 1st place in Italy, at the 9th in Europe and at the 30th in the World, gaining 7 positions with respect to the past year, according to the influential ranking by QS World University Ranking 2022 based on academic reputation and impact of the research.


Presentation of the Chemical Engineering Course


Why choosing Chemical Engineering

Variety in the work experience

The chemical engineer works in many different areas, typically in the production and process areas. The chemical engineer has many different responsibilities and competences, which span from the development of processes and/or products to the design of plants and machinery for the processing industry; from the management of production plants and utilities, to the management of technological and maintenance services; from the control and optimization of plants and processes, to the technical management of the security and environmental protection features and to the Research and Development departments.

High quality of teaching and hands-on practice

The chemical engineer is the universal engineer. The professional figure of the chemical engineer is in high demand in many and diverse areas of the (not only chemical) manufacturing industry and service industry; the flexibility and depth of his skills are universally recognized, and allow for diverse career paths up to the highest levels.

The best career prospects

Career prospects among the best in Italy and abroad; in practice, there are no unemployed chemical engineers.