Pop culture likes to think about chemical engineers as people who work in plants among pipes, steam jets, metal clanking and whatever imagination manages to create. This image is actually close to the truth: the professional figure of the Chemical Engineer is fundamental in a production plant and only his skills and experience gained on the field allow him to solve more or less critical issues and take decisions in real time, actions other people would not be able to make.

Today, thanks to the large spectrum of knowledge acquired, these skills are supported by many others, from mathematics to physics, from chemistry to computer science, from mechanical engineering to plant management. This may be the most peculiar trait of the chemical engineer.

We can therefore find chemical engineers in key roles in the management of consulting societies, managers in the research and development areas, in high ranking positions in small and medium sized enterprises, which make up the core structure of the italian economy. The chemical engineer also finds himself at ease as a security department manager, in the marketing and commercial areas of chemical companies with a high technological profile and as a researcher in one of the most important universities and research institutions in the world.

Career Prospects

The main career prospects are:

  • Process industry
  • Consulting firms
  • Public administrations and Supervisory boards
  • Civil authorities
  • Research and development areas

Career and Internship opportunities

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